Allegra and the B10

When we asked Brent Lawrence, Manager at Allegra, located in Pickering, Ontario what he thought of their DV Systems 10 HP variable-speed direct-drive rotary screw air compressor he was quick to communicate their how impressed they are with it's quiet, reliable operation, as well as small foot-print. Since the air compressor needed to be situated on the printing shop floor, space and noise were serious concerns. The B10's compact size and quiet operation allowed them to install the compressor in the limited space they had available. It also ensures their employees can work comfortably and safely with a reliable supply of compressed air.

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"It's compact, quiet and gives us all the clean compressed air we need for our application reliably. "

- Brent Lawrence, Manager, Allegra Marketing, Pickering

About Allegra Marketing

Allegra Marketing is a full-service marketing and print communications company based in Pickering, ON helping companies solve simple or complex problems through expertise, creative solutions and a can-do attitude.

Allegra helps you design a cohesive branding strategy. They deploy this strategy through a customized combination of both offline and online solutions, including direct mail marketing campaigns with web integration, when it makes sense. Allegra's approach strengthens the positive company image you have worked so hard to build and maintain.

Allegra fulfills the following services: Signs, Posters and Banners, Architectural Printing, High-Impact Printing Services, Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns, Mailing Services, Marketing Consultation, Graphic Design, Promotional Products, Fulfillment and Services.

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