Aligning Energy Use To Air Demand

Variable speed drives maximize energy efficiency by constantly adjusting motor speed with air demand to provide optimum performance and reliability → Delivering maximum operating flexibility with efficient full and part load performance, VSD's are ideal for applications with fluctuating air demand.

Adjusting motor speed for optimum performance, drawing power in direct proportion to the load. Energy consumption approximates zero at no-load vs. full-voltage drives consuming between 13% to 85% of their full-load consumption.

Eliminates in-rush current & amperage surges on start-up by gradually starting motor speed - contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Pressure tracking controls ensure that energy-use is optimized by producing only as much air as is needed at set pressure, avoiding artificial demand.

Delivers maximum operating flexibility with efficient full & part load performance.

Compressed Air Lifecycle Costs

The initial fixed cost of a rotary screw air compressor is only a fraction of it’s total lifecycle or operational cost → The greatest proportion of costs incurred in the operation of a compressed air system are it’s energy costs.
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Purchase 10%
Maintenance 4%
Energy 84%

Cumulative Energy Savings

Save Energy with Variable-Speed Drives

VSD’s are a considerable opportunity in reducing cumulative energy costs → Up to 24%.
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Qualify For Energy-Saving Program Incentives?

Upgrading to variable-speed air compressors qualifies for cash-rebates from  local utility or government energy-savings programs in many areas. Save a considerable amount off your investment.
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