10 HP Industrial Series


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Industrial Series air compressors are ideal for light industrial, commercial and professional applications.

Featuring splash-lubricated, cast-iron pumps designed for high air delivery at low speeds, these units perform reliably, with low wear & downtime.

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Available Models

10 HP  Industrial Series

10 HP  Industrial Series DEV-100 Pump is available in the following tank-mounted horizontal models:

Order #Model #SCFMPressureConfigurationTank GVoltage
IS10-100120-41IS10-10012031 SCFM150Tank-mounted120 G Horizontal200/208-60-3
IS10-100120-43IS10-10012031 SCFM150Tank-mounted120 G Horizontal230-60-3
IS10-100120-45IS10-10012031 SCFM150Tank-mounted120 G Horizontal460-60-3
IS10-100120-69IS10-10012031 SCFM150Tank-mounted120 G Horizontal575-60-3

Features & Benefits

Work Comfortably 24/7

Simple, Strong & Economical

Ideal for Light Industrial & Commercial Use

Cast-Iron Compressor Pumps

60% Duty-Cycle Operation

Reliable & Safe

OSHA Fully-Enclosed Belt-Guard & Motor with Overload Protection

2 Year Warranty

Onsite Parts & Labour