30 HP Heavy Duty Industrial


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The pressure-lubricated heavy duty industrial series is engineered to provide a durable and dependable air compressor built to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.

The moving components of these pumps are machined, honed, balanced and assembled in Canada. Rugged construction and long life allows DV to confidently offer an unprecedented 7 year warranty.

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Available Models

30 HP  HDI 447 PUMP

The 30 HP HDI 447 Pump is available in the following base-mounted models:

Order #Model #SCFMPressureConfigurationTankVoltage
VAY-5001-41VAX-500199.9 SCFM150Base-mountedN/A200/208-60-3
VAY-5001-69VAX-500199.9 SCFM150Base-mountedN/A575-60-3
VAY-5001-73VAX-500199.9 SCFM150Base-mountedN/A230/460-60-3

30 HP HDI 447 Pump is available in the following tank-mounted  horizontal models:

Order #Model #SCFMPressureConfigurationTank GVoltage
VAY-5081-41VAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-Horizontal240 Horizontal200/208-60-3
VAY-5081-41XLVAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal200/208-60-3
VAY-5081-43XLVAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal230-60-3
VAY-5081-45XLVAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal460-60-3
VAY-5081-69VAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal575-60-3
VAY-5081-69XLVAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal575-60-3
VAY-5081-73VAY-508199.9 SCFM150Tank-mounted240 Horizontal230/460-60-3

Features & Benefits

Work Comfortably 24/7

Smooth, Free-Running Operation

Balanced crankshafts and precision ground journals, combined with heavy-duty ball-type main bearings, provide smooth, free-running operation.

Precision-Machined Cylinders

All cylinders are precision honed and machined to exact tolerances, reducing wear and friction.

Smooth, Vibration-Free Operation

Dynamically balanced, Airfoil-Type Flywheels provide a continuous flow of cooling air over all parts of the compressor.

Controlled Lubrication

DV’s proprietary pressure lubrication process provides controlled lubrication to all critical areas by means of oil ring pickup.

Cool, Maintenance-Free Operation

Short stroke load matched pistons, combined with high quality alloy steel disc-type valves permit cool operation and maintenance-free service.

Short Stroke Design

Large bore, short-stroke and slow operating speeds improves life expectancy and provides high air delivery.