ASD Air Dryers


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ProDry ASD Standard Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers range from 10 to 500 SCFM and are microprocessor controlled, ensuring a stable dew-point temperature.

All ProDry ASD Air Dryers are equipped with a 2-stage heat-exchanger, improving efficiency and energy savings, and include a high-efficiency condensate separator and large surface-area refrigerant condenser.

ProDry™ ASD Air Dryers are equipped with an automatic electronic drain.

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Available Models

ASD Air Dryers

ProDry ASD Standard Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer is available in the following models:

Order #Capacity SCFMMax. Pressure PSIElectrical
ASD1010232 PSI115/60/1
ASD1515232 PSI115/60/1
ASD2525232 PSI115/60/1
ASD4040232 PSI115/60/1
ASD6060232 PSI115/60/1
ASD100100232 PSI115/60/1
ASD150150174 PSI230/60/1
ASD200200174 PSI230/60/1
ASD320320174 PSI230/60/1
ASD400400174 PSI230/60/1
ASD500500174 PSI460/60/3
ASD600600174 PSI460/60/3
ASD800800174 PSI460/60/3
ASD11001100174 PSI460/60/3
ASD14001400174 PSI460/60/3
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