Dakota B7.5


27 SCFM / 145 PSI

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These heavy-duty, high-performance & high-efficiency Rotary Screw Compressors operate at a 100% duty cycle and are ideal for continuous-use applications where reliable, dry, clean compressed air is required.

The B7.5 rotary screw compressor features fixed speed, belt drive technology and delivers 27 SCFM of compressed air at 145 PSI.

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Available Models

Dakota B7.5

The Dakota B7.5 is available in the following based-mounted, tank-mounted and AirSystem models:

Order #Model #ConfigurationDriveSCFMPressureVoltage
S-001726B7.5Base-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-1
S-001727B7.5Base-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-001728B7.5Base-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-001729B7.5Base-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-001730B7.5Base-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi575-60-3
S-001706B7.5TTank-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-1
S-001707B7.5TTank-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-001708B7.5TTank-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-001709B7.5TTank-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-001710B7.5TTank-MountedFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi575-60-3
S-001766B7.5TDAirSystemFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-1
S-001767B7.5TDAirSystemFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-001768B7.5TDAirSystemFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-001769B7.5TDAirSystemFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-001770B7.5TDAirSystemFixed Speed27 SCFM145 psi575-60-3


Industrial ODP Motor




Sound Level

Features & Benefits

Work Comfortably 24/7

Fixed-Speed, Belt Drive

Ideal for continuous-use applications with constant compressed air demand. Efficient power transmission provides maximum flexibility in pressure selection.


A complete solution for your entire compressed air system requirements, providing clean, dry, cool compressed air.

Engineered For Efficiency

The simplified, reduced-component, encapsulated airend design enhances reliability and contributes to quiet & efficient operation.

Integrated Oil & Air Cooler

Contributes to the production of low discharge air temperatures, reducing energy consumption, promoting system reliability & extending air-receiver life.

Solid & Silent

Effectively minimizes noise levels: solid steel base frames & floors, powder-coated, heavy gauge, acoustically insulated steel cabinets & sound attenuating foam barriers.


A unique compressed air system configuration delivering clean, dry compressed air continuously, consistently and directly to the air receiver.