Cree C15


57 SCFM / 100 PSI

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The C-Series rotary screw air compressors operate at a 100% duty cycle and are ideal for continuous-use or intermittent-use applications where reliable, dry, clean compressed air is required.

The C15 rotary screw air compressor features fixed speed or variable-speed, belt drive technology and delivers 57 SCFM of compressed air at 145 PSI.

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Available Models

Cree C15

The Cree C15 is available in the following AirSystem models:

Order #Model #ConfigurationDriveSCFMPressureVoltage
S-002430C15TDAirSystemFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002431C15TDAirSystemFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002432C15TDAirSystemFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002433C15TDAirSystemFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3
S-002434C15TDVSDAirSystemVSD57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002435C15TDVSDAirSystemVSD57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002436C15TDVSDAirSystemVSD57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002437C15TDVSDAirSystemVSD57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3

The Cree C15 is available in the following tank-mounted models:

Order #Model #ConfigurationDriveSCFMPressureVoltage
S-002490C15TTank-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002491C15TTank-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002492C15TTank-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002493C15TTank-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3
S-002494C15TVSDTank-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002495C15TVSDTank-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002496C15TVSDTank-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002497C15TVSDTank-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3

The Cree C15 is available in the following base-mounted models:

Order #Model #ConfigurationDriveSCFMPressureVoltage
S-002410C15Base-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002411C15Base-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002412C15Base-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002413C15Base-MountedFixed Speed57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3
S-002414C15VSDBase-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi200/208-60-3
S-002415C15VSDBase-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi230-60-3
S-002416C15VSDBase-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi460-60-3
S-002417C15VSDBase-MountedVSD57 SCFM145 psi575-60-3


Industrial ODP Motor




Sound Level

Features & Benefits

Work Comfortably 24/7

Variable Speed, Belt Drive

Constantly aligns energy use with air demand, adjusting motor speed to provide optimum performance and reliability, providing energy savings of up to 25%.

Fixed-Speed, Belt Drive

Ideal for continuous-use applications with constant compressed air demand. Efficient power transmission provides maximum flexibility in pressure selection.

Integrated Innovative Design

Innovative component integration results in a compact, quiet air system engineered for efficiency & performance, providing high-capacity air delivery and stable system pressure with minimal installation space.

Engineered For Efficiency

The simplified, reduced-component, encapsulated airend design enhances reliability and contributes to quiet & efficient operation.


A complete solution for your entire compressed air system requirements, providing clean, dry, cool compressed air.


A unique compressed air system configuration delivering clean, dry compressed air continuously, consistently and directly to the air receiver.

Integrated Oil & Air Cooler

Contributes to the production of low discharge air temperatures, reducing energy consumption, promoting system reliability & extending air-receiver life.

CSC300 Controller

Effectively manages, monitors and maintains optimal operational parameters to ensure stable system pressure and reliable operation.

Solid & Silent

Effectively minimizes noise levels: solid steel base frames & floors, powder-coated, heavy gauge, acoustically insulated steel cabinets & sound attenuating foam barriers.